Get your Business Back on Track

UK businesses are facing significant challenges, with many companies experiencing financial difficulty. Our business rescue & recovery service can help struggling business owners implement strategies to assist in getting their business back on track.

We can help you:

  • Assess the current financial landscape of your business
  • Discuss the options available to you
  • Implement strategies to save your business
  • Communicate with your creditors to ease stress & pressure
  • Find financial help for your business
  • If necessary, wind down your company affairs in an organised & professional manner

for expert advice.

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Restructuring May Be Right For Your Company If You Have……

Cash Flow Issues

Cash flow is the life blood of any business. Planning properly for cash flow issues can empower your business to avoid stagnation and ease short term pressure, allowing your business the ability to trade out of trouble.

Creditor Pressure

A situation that can quickly get out of hand, Tax arrears can leave businesses constantly chasing their tails. Whether it’s a Time to Pay arrangement or an alternative solution, we can help put a solution in place with HMRC on your behalf.

Tax Arrears

If you have creditors breathing down your neck, it’s imperative you have a strategy to settle your debts. Any settlement plan should be based around a viable financial model that doesn’t endanger the long term prospects of your business.

Winding up Petitions

If you have received a winding up petition, time is absolutely of the essence in seeking professional help. There are various arrangements that can be made to stave off the threat of liquidation and we would be happy to discuss these with you.

Why Should You Consider Restructuring?

Defining the root cause of why a business is struggling to survive is a forensic process. Sometimes the reasons are obvious, however more often than not, there are multiple factors contributing to the outcome which can be missed by Directors who have an internal view of circumstances. Seeking professional advice and guidance gives peace of mind that all angles are being scrutinised and all solutions are being considered, taking a partner led approach to determine the best way forward.

Directors also have responsibilities to adhere to, with events and decisions made in the run up to a company being placed into insolvency under scrutiny by the Insolvency Service. Again, partnering with a professional restructuring company to take guidance at an early stage will reduce risk personally and professionally.

Why Use SFP?

The SFP Group is made up of various divisions to go alongside its rescue and recovery solutions. Established in 2002, SFP now employs over 90 staff members who are all experts in their respective fields. SFP Restructuring and SFP Brokers are both award winning divisions, helping businesses survive in todays turbulent landscape, with SFP Property and SFP Corporate Solutions making up the entirety of the groups composition.

SFP is an Award winning turnaround and restructuring company that provides expert assistance in corporate rescue and recovery services.

Choosing the right practitioner from the start will have major implications on any case and here at SFP we will take the time and effort to look into your business accordingly.

Having worked with a large number of clients over the last 18 years, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to UK businesses who are looking to survive in what is becoming an ever-increasingly challenging business economy.

Get in touch with one of our experts and they will:

Listen to you in confidence about the challenges you currently face

Analyse your business finances to realise your current scenario

Help you understand available restructuring options

Recommend, define and agree the way forward

Support you through all processes as a result of your taken actions

Our award winning Brokerage, Touch Financial is the largest Invoice Finance brokerage in the UK.

We work with the leading high street Banks and alternative finance providers, covering Loans, Invoice Finance, Asset Finance and even have a national panel of approved chartered accountants to recommend, should the need arise.

Our business finance experts will:

Carry out a free eligibility check on you & your company

Help you get your application together to meet lender requirements (working with your accountant if necessary)

Recommend lenders based upon your specific needs

Source multiple offers from our panel of lenders

Stay with you through the journey to offer advice and recommendations

Help you plan ahead for any upcoming projects or events

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