Cookie Policy

1.1. Like many other websites, we use “cookies” to help us gather and store information about visitors to our Site.
1.2. We may collect information about your computer, including your IP address, operating system and browser type, for system administration and to report aggregate information to our advertisers. This is statistical data about our Site users’ browsing actions and patterns, and does not identify you as an individual.
1.3. A “cookie” is a small text file which is downloaded on to your computer’s hard disk when you access certain websites. Cookies allow the website to recognise your computer. A cookie can identify the pages that are being viewed and this can assist us to select the pages that the visitor sees.
1.4. Some cookies, called “persistent” and which are not session-based, remain on a visitor’s computer, so that you can be recognised as a previous visitor when you next visit our Site. This allows us to collect information about your browsing habits whilst on our Site, and this can be useful in assisting us to monitor and improve our services.
1.5. We do not store sensitive information such as account numbers or passwords in “persistent” cookies, and cookies in themselves, do not contain enough information to identify you. You will only become personally identifiable in relation to your browsing habits after you have formally provided us with your personal data for the purposes outlined in Section 1.2 above.
1.6. In addition to using cookies, we might also use GIFs and other web tools, such as Google Analytics, to collect information about your browsing activities whilst on our Site. In this respect the information that is provided is similar to the information supplied by cookies, and we use it for the same purposes.
1.7. Any information that we acquire about you using cookies, GIFs, or other web tools is subject to the same restrictions and conditions as any other information we collect about you, as outlined in this Policy.
1.8. Some of our advertisers may also use cookies, GIFs, or other web tools that are set by other people such as advertising agencies, or the businesses to which the advertisements relate. We do not have access to any information that might be collected in this way, and, if you are concerned, you should contact the advertiser for more information.

2.1. Cookies set by our Site:

2.1.1. We use a few different cookies which enable our Site to improve your experience and help our marketing team assess what the users want and do not want.
2.1.2. Session cookies* – these cookies are temporary files, being wiped from your computer once the browser session is closed. If you come to our Site you may enter information. Without session cookies, you would have to re-enter this information every time you visit a new page which is very tedious.
2.1.3. Analytics cookies* – an extremely common phenomenon for sites now is to view site analytics. These are stats which show visitor numbers, visitor locations, bounce rates (how quickly the user clicks away from the site) and other user pathway analysis. However, without analytics cookies, gathering this data would become impossible and we would not be able to use the data to build upon user experience and identify what materials users enjoy viewing. The analytics software we use is called Google Analytics. *Note that these cookies do not save any of your personal information.
2.1.4. This site also uses ClickTale web analytics service. ClickTale may record mouse clicks, mouse movements, scrolling activity as well as text you type in this website. This Site does not use ClickTale to collect any personally identifiable information entered in our Site. ClickTale does not track your browsing habits across websites which do not use ClickTale services. For more information see Privacy Policy for Information Collected by the ClickTale Web Analytics Service. We are using the information collected by ClickTale service to track visitor behaviour in order to provide the best possible experience for our visitors. You can choose to disable the Service at

2.2. If you wish to know all the cookies we have set and how to delete or manage them, please refer to

3.1. You have the ability to accept or decline cookies by modifying the settings in your browser by not clicking the “OK” button on the box that appears on the first page you see on our Site or by clicking “NO” on this box. However, you may not be able to use all the interactive features of our Site if the cookies are disabled.
3.2. You also have the ability to delete cookies that have been installed in the cookie folder of your browser and should search for “cookies” in your “Help” function for information on where to find your cookie folder.
3.3. Unless you have adjusted your browser settings so that it will refuse cookies or refused cookies on our first page, our Site will issue cookies when you log on to our Site.

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