Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance is a way of borrowing money using outstanding invoices due as the security. The lender agrees to pay your business an agreed percentage of the invoice value as soon as that invoice is issued to one of your customers, with the balance being payable when the invoice is settled in full.

Typically, there are two kinds of Invoice Finance – Factoring and Invoice Discounting. With Factoring, as well as advancing the cash, the lender also assumes responsibility for managing the sales ledger. With Invoice Discounting, the facility can be confidential.

Key Features

  • No waiting for 30 – 90 days for payment
  • Invoices are normally funded on day one of issue so you get an immediate injection of cash
  • Take control of debt collection – choose between a facility whereby the lender collects the due amount on your behalf, leaving you to run your business (Factoring), or keep control of collecting due funds yourself, paying the lender their fee once you have received payment (Invoice Discounting)
  • Revolving Credit – due to the fact that you constantly repay due invoices back into the facility, you can continue borrowing within your agreed limit
  • Support for growth – your lender will often leave room for growth when agreeing your facility size and increase the limit as the business grows, keeping you ahead of the game.


Your business must

  • Be a Limited company of LLP
  • Trade with other businesses (B2B). Consumer invoices won’t be supported.
  • Offer standard credit terms (30 – 90 days)
  • Invoice for goods/services in arrears
  • Have a minimum turnover of £50,000.

How can we help?

Touch Financial is an award winning Financial Brokerage and part of the SFP Group.

We work with the leading high street Banks and alternative finance providers, covering Loans, Invoice Finance, Asset Finance and even have a national panel of approved chartered accountants to recommend, should the need arise.

Our business finance experts will:

  • Carry out a free eligibility check on you & your company.
  • Help you get your application together to meet lender requirements. (Working with your accountant if necessary)
  • Recommend lenders based upon your specific needs.
  • Source multiple offers from our panel of lenders.
  • Stay with you through the journey to offer advice and recommendations.
  • Help you plan ahead for any upcoming projects or events.

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